Full Name Position
A. A. Alexandrov Rector of Moscow state technical University. N. E. Bauman, Chairman Of The Organizing Committee
B. V. Padalkin First Vice-rector-Vice-rector for academic Affairs of BMSTU, Deputy Chairman Of The Organizing Committee
V. N. Zimin First Vice-rector-Vice-rector for scientific work of BMSTU
Y. B. Tsvetkov Vice-Rector on educational work of the BMSTU, Deputy Chairman Of The Organizing Committee
S. V. Korshunov Vice-Rector for educational and methodical work of BMSTU
M. V. Kuznetsov Vice-Rector for international relations BMSTU
P. B. Dermer Vice-Rector for Informatization of BMSTU
Yu. I. Dimitrienko Head of the Open BMSTU platform,
head of the Department of Fundamental Sciences, Deputy Chairman of the organizing Committee
V. O. Gladyshev Head of Scientific and educational complex «Fundamental Sciences»
A.V. Proletarskiy Head of Scientific and educational complex «Fundamental Sciences»
G. V. Kirsanova Dean of the faculty of linguistics
T. A. Guzeva Head of the Department of educational standards and programs of BMSTU
T. Yu. Tsibizova Head of educational technologies Department of BMSTU
A.V. Baldin Director of REC «Electronic University»
A. G. Stanevsky Director of the Main educational, research and methodological center of BMSTU
M. V. Dobrinets Head of information and youth policy Department of BMSTU
E. A. Gubareva Deputy head of the Department FN-11
N. Sh. Vatolkina associate Professor of IBM-4 Department
N. G. Baghdasaryan Professor of SGN-2 Department
E. A. Gavrilina associate Professor of SGN-2 Department
I. K. Romanova associate Professor of SM-7 Department
V. Yu. Chibisov Deputy Director of «SIMPLEX» REC»
S. S. Kudryavtseva Assistant of the Department FN-11
E. N. Grigorieva Assistant of the Department FN-11, responsible for the organization and reception of guests of the Forum